For your used products : ECO MOBILIER

Need to change your sideboard, barbecue or accessories? Need to declutter your garden?
ECO MOBILIER by Maison du tri is the new service program designed to help you tidy up, sort and give a second life to your outdoor products.

To avoid throwing them away, there are several options:

  • - If your product is in good condition, you can donate it. Another household will be happy with it.
  • - If it needs repair, you can entrust it to experts who will give it a new lease of life.
  • - If it's no longer usable as it is, you can recycle it, making it easier to reuse raw materials for many other projects.

Here is a list of collection points proposed by Eco Mobilier to bring you a local solution that will facilitate the reuse of your used sideboard / barbecue / accessory:


For your electrical and electronic products (planchas & accessories) : ECOLOGIC

Mandated by the public authorities, Ecologic provides a take-back solution for electronic waste that complies with regulations, throughout France (including French overseas departments), without discrimination due to the difficulty of accessing certain collection points.

Ecologic's missions are to :

  • - set up a WEEE collection and processing network that meets all the quality and safety requirements of French and European regulations,
  • - propose solutions to optimize the entire process, through an ongoing process of innovation and progress,
  • - ensure the common interest of all partners while maintaining transparent economic management,
  • - participate in the development of local, social and solidarity-based economies through its partnerships with associations for social integration.

There are three ways to recycle your electrical appliances (planchas & accessories):

  • - Hand in your electrical appliance to a Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) organization;
  • - Return your electrical appliance to a point of sale.
  • - Drop off your electrical appliance at a recycling center.

To find out where to drop off your appliances for repair / donation / recycling, please consult the map below:

Sorting instructions

In France, you must sort your waste and place all recyclable items in the RECYCLING bin:

  • - Plastic bottles and flasks (leave the cap on if plastic);
  • - Metal packaging;
  • - Paper and newspapers;
  • - Cardboard packaging.

For cardboard packaging, I put in the bin ONLY small folded cardboard boxes:

Larger items (furniture, household appliances, BBQs, etc.) should be disposed of at a waste collection center.

Attention : glass, light bulbs, batteries and coffee capsules must be disposed of in special bins.