Black button

Reference SP39

This Ø5,4cm button is made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

It is compatible with both planchas and gas barbecues.

It is resistant to high temperatures and can be clipped onto your product in a single movement.

3.69 Save 10%
Including 0.01 for ecotax (not impacted by the discount)
VAT included

2-year guarantee

Free payment

in 2, 3 or 4 instalments

Compatible with the following references:

AU001T CD, AU006 LEC, AU007TTW MRB, PG015, PG016, AU007TTW, AM021I CD, AU002T BRI, AU006IMRB, PG008I, PG008TTW, PG016TI, PG016TTW, AM006TTWI, AM007TTW, AM013 CD, AM014, AM014 CD, AM017TW, AM021I, AU001TTW, AU007TWMRB, PG016 CD, PG015TTW, AM014 BRI, AU001TW, AU002WT, PG016TWTI, AU002 CD, PG046 CD, AM053I, AU001T GF, AU001T MRB, PG016T, AM053I CD

Material Plastic

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